Sunday, March 22, 2015

Angola: o oito e o oitenta

Two Women, Opposite Fortunes

THIS is the tale of two women, each an emblem, in her own way, of one of the world’s most corrupt and dysfunctional nations.

One of the women is Isabel dos Santos, Africa’s richest woman. The daughter of Angola’s president, she is worth $3 billion and is Africa’s only female billionaire as well as its youngest billionaire, according to Forbes. The magazine found that all her major Angolan investments were in companies seeking to do business there or were achieved by a stroke of her father’s pen.
The other woman, more typical, is Delfina Fernandes, and I met her at the end of a bone-rattling journey over impossibly rutted dirt roads in a village called Kibanga in the northern part of the country. Blind in one eye, she lives in a grass-roof hut without electricity or running water, and without access to health care.

O artigo completo no NYT.

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